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How to Resell?

Follow these simple steps to start reselling the products from WetaByte reselling app .

Install WetaByte Reselling App

It's free, light weight and support almost all android version

Share Products

Share Products to your friends or family through WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Place Order and Earn Your Commission

If you received an order from your customer, place the order in the WetaByte app behalf of your customer with your own invoice price, we then ship the product to your customer with your invoice price as product price, if it an online payment you keep your commission and pay us a product price, if it COD, then we collect payment from your customer, we keep our product price and credit your commission to your bank account.


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Want to earn money from home without any investment? Download and install WetaByte Reselling App and start making money by reselling the products.


WetaByte is a customer to customer trade platform, specifically designed for resellers who wants to make money working from home without any investments. WetaByte brings, customer, suppliers and resellers on to a single platform, so that any individual can SELL, BUY or RESELL the products.
All products have whole sale prices; you can compare same product with others market places you will find at least 100-150 pricing difference. This make easier for our reseller to sell product to their customer lesser prices compare to other market places. Even if you sell these products with your commission, your customer still get product lesser prices compare to other market places.
It’s simple, once you install the app, you have become reseller, if you want to make money, share the products to your friends or family through Whats App, Facebook, Instagram, etc. if you receive the order, place the order in their name with your own product price, we will ship the product to your customer, if it an online payment you pay us only product price, if it a cod, we collect the product price whatever you mentioned in the order and we keep our product price and we will credit your commission earned from that order to your bank account.
We need to your mobile number for all your future transactions, like order notifications, sending order tracking info, sending details about your commission paid, etc.
In some cases, few products contain to different prices for different sizes, to show actual product price for different sizes, all the sizes show the product size price.
To make sure shipping is available in your area.
Please complete, your profile once, then you don't need to enter your address every time.
Few suppliers are not allowing the COD, if it a case, you're not able to see the cod option.
if your 5 COD orders failed or canceled, the COD option will automatically disable, it may happen in rare cases and it will come to normal after you make one or two online payments.
Each time you place the order to others, address will be saved in your device, this will save your time to enter the repeated customer address.
If you're placing the order to others and if you want to earn commission, enter your own product price and it should be greater than actual product price, example, if product price is 100rs, then if your invoice price is 150, then we send the products to your customer with product price of 150.
Your maximum invoice price should be lesser than the product MRP price, it is illegal to sell the product higher than the MRP price.
We or our payment gateway partner never store the credentials which you used to make the payment online.
In checkout page you have option to mark the order for others then fill your customer address, we will ship products to your customer.
Visit Orders Page, there you will find the option called Track Order, click on it, it will show the complete tracking details.
Once you place the order, we will forward your order details to courier company, after the courier company pick the product form our supplier, they will update the track ID then you will start seeing the track option.
It is an individual rating from the customer who brought the products from that suppliers, ratings include product quality and packaging and shipping.
once the product delivered to you or your customer, u can start seeing the option in order page "Review", please click on the option and rate the supplier.
It will help other clients like you to purchase better quality products.
Visit reseller dashboard from the account section, you will find the commission earned details, for individual order commission details, please visit orders page and click on completed order tab.
WetaByte hold the 100% responsibility of the money you have earned, you will receive your commission every Friday, make sure to enter your bank details to get your money directly to your bank account.
You or your customer has to return the product with 5 days from the product delivery date.
Visit, return product from the account section, choose the Order ID you want to return and fill the details, we will take care of the return.
Please note, order id will be display there till five days from the date of delivery, after five days, order id will be remove from product return order list page.
We provide both email and phone support Email: support@wetabyte.com, Phone: +91 9739242506 (Mon-Sat 10AM - 7Pm)
Please visit "Want to sell on WetaByte" tab from accounts section.
Yes you can, please visit wetabyte.com and navigate to "Become Reseller" page, you will find the complete details about how to sell WetaByte products.


If you have any queries/feedback, please contact us

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